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Our company is happy to answer all of your questions as much as we can and we welcome communicating with you. We always want to provide you the best customer service that we had in able for you to know the answers to your questions.

Telephone No.:+33 1 77 50 41 91


Tag Fabric manufactures our own mobile ecommerce platform, wherein it is very helpful in business to achieve success. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients its simplest way to meet success wherein for us; the success of our clients is also our achievement.

Here are the frequently question by our clients and we hope that it will help you answer all your questions as well:

Where can I acquire to talk or support to other users?

If you stuck in this kind of problem, we can help you by using our helpdesk and give us a call and we will answer your call right away.

Where should I look the user guide and documentation of TAG Fabric?

For configuring and setting up please refer to the user guide that Tag Fabric provide to our clients.

Is this is friendly user?

Yes, we build this service to be friendly user to our clients in its simplest way in order to adopt easily by the clients on how it should be use.

Where can I request ecommerce themes, features, and extensions?

You can have your request in extension and new feature is the Tag Fabric board easily.

Where should I contribute or report bugs in the project?

The bugs can reported in our support forum or you can send it directly to our email address stated above.

Is Tag Fabric services is helpful to business?

Yes, it is. It helps to boost the sale of your business. In fact, many of our users enhance the sale of their business.

Tag Fabric is amazing! Can I have the chance to contribute?

Yes, you have the chance and you can join in our Tag Fabric Source.